The Impossible Quiz

Game Controls

All actions in the impossible quiz game are made using mouse. You must click the right answer to proceed the quiz to the next question.

Some questions may require you to type something or use some keyboard keys.

You have three lives and if you lose all of them, you start the quiz from the beginning.

About The Impossible Quiz

Ladies And Gentlemen, we are back. TheImpossibleQuiz.Org.Uk is back online with even more addictive games and better graphics. As you know, the main theme of our website is the legendary game - The Impossible Quiz which was supposed to die at the end of the 2020 year because flash games are being killed but fortunately, the developers created HTML5 version of the game and you can enjoy your favorite quiz game whenever you want.

The main mission of the game is to bring fun to the players and the Impossible Quiz is an expert in this field. The quiz is so difficult and funny at the same time, that you might get involved for hours until you realize how many time you are playing this simple game. From the first question of the game, you realize that the quiz is pretty tricky. The author asks you to think outside the box to succeed in this game, because the qustions here are unordinar. They are made in such a way that make you click the wrong answer.

In this game you have three lives. Every time you give the wrong answer, you lose one life. When the lifes counter goes down to zero, you will start the whole quiz from the beginning. Remember that if you are stuck, you can easily find the answers on the internet. Enjoy the full version of the impossible quiz for free at our website.

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